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Who we are

The “SINEMA IWACU” is a Rwandan Private Education channel, that mainly aims at teaching all people through movies/films to preserve our culture of different Humanity values like: National Unity , social solidarity , patriotism , integrity , Bravery , tolerance of the Society , etc…

We create a wide range of Films, including single movies, series, documentaries, & short films to quickly pass the message across. Our subscribers can watch all the movies we make online from our website regardless of their location.

We also offer Film services to people who want to create short films, documentaries & anything inbetween, by helping them with scripting & shooting at considerably small prices.


Our Mission is to foster the Rwandan Culture by the use of Films of diverse genre, to reach people of all categories in efforts of preserving our culture in all Rwandans close & afar.


Our Vision is to be the best Movie Production company in Rwanda that preserves the Rwandan Culture, & spreading the values of our culture to the rest of the world through our Films.

Our Values

  • Ubunyarwanda
  • Ubumwe n’ubwiyunge (Unity and reconciliation)
  • Umurimo (work)
  • Ubupfura (Polite)

Our Recent Works